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Please use our Frequenty Asked Questions before contacting our support.

Q: How does phone number tracking work?

We use Global Positioning System otherwise known as GPS to track the phone number. GPS is a space based navigation system that allows us to track down the exact position of the number.

Q: Which type of phones can be tracked?

Cell phones enabled with GPS make them easier to be located. Blackberry, Windows mobile phones, android phones and iPhones are all mostly enabled with GPS nowadays and can be tracked. No matter whether you have Nokia, Motorola, Samsung or any other make, we can track them with ease.

Q: Should I become a member to utilize this service?

Not necessarily. Our site is open to all the people in the world without any boundary limits and can be accessed at any point of time. We do not canvass or insist for membership.

Q: What is meant by Phone Tracking?

By using specialized software, phone tracking is made possible. As most of the cell phones are coming equipped with GPS tracker, using the GPS, the location of the cell phone is traced out within few seconds. Thanks to the latest technology evolved!

Q: Whether my personal information will be kept confidential?

We do not collect any personal information such as phone numbers or GPS data. Your information from contact form may be used for support reasons only and will not be divulged to any third party. We also do not save your numbers or location. However, by using this site, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy

Q: What are the requirements for phone tracking?

Phone tracking is normally done through GPS and identification of signals. The phone to be tracked requires being in switch-on mode to capture signals emitted by it. It indirectly means that the phone to be tracked should not be switched off

Q: Which are the countries supported by you?

Almost all the countries in the world are supported by us as GPS is enabled throughout the globe by different nations, thanks to satellite service made available. The more and more GPS towers installed in the developed and developing countries make it easier to support them for tracking.

Q: How does online phone tracking work?

It is very simple. When a request is sent to track the cell phone, the cell phone tracking system detects the nearest cell phone tower to the cell phone, calculates the distance between them and interpolates signal between nearby towers to make exact location and retransmits the findings to the sender through our system We use GPS tracking system for this purpose

Q: What is meant by GPS which you use?

A. The abbreviation GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is a satellite navigation system that provides location and time information anywhere on or near the earth with the help of satellites

Q: Whether the GPS phone tracking is accurate?

Yes, to a larger extent. The accuracy could be as precise as 5 meters distance in some countries where GPS is well established through GPS satellites. In some other countries, the tracing may be approximate but still will be very near to the actual location.

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