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Can Police track my location?

Here you will find many information about phone tracking over gps technology. Please read these instructions carefully to understand the topic.

Can Police track my location?

Yes it is a definite answer, since the revolution of the mobile phone industry it has become very easy to track anyone who owns a mobile phone .If they want to track your location they can do without even warrant. What they do is that they track using the old call that were made earlier on your cell phone they just need to show a court and this helps in investigation. How works is that whenever a call is made the cellular network analyzes the phones position and determines whichever tower or cellular best in position to produce wireless services. Always note that any mobile phone turned on maintains a connection with several nearby towers thus the police will always be able to trace you.

GPS really does rely on precise signals on three local cells. That is how phones report locations based on GPS positioning .Emergency response teams, police and government officials rely relatively on precise locations of the wireless carriers for the phone. This has made it very easy to catch culprits and kidnappers based on the last phone calls made and on the map mode on where the signal is the strongest. We live in new brave world not everyone can be trusted just like computers which store data whenever you use a cell phone it stores all the information, police use and collect information from a service provider on call history, last locations and times when calls were made, during crime investigation phone records have been known to bring culprits to book.

We should be very careful on information we give during conversations on cell phones as they are stored. In the United States police do not need a warrant to listen on your conversations if there is a probability of crime that one is committing however it is illegal for an individual to ‘spy’ on another without a judge warrant. All the major phone carriers respond to requests for law enforcement on phone calls, text messages and other data that needs availing to the authorities, they can even recognize kind of device you are using.

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