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How can i prevent being located?

Here you will find many information about phone tracking over gps technology. Please read these instructions carefully to understand the topic.

How can i prevent being located?

Good news is that you can prevent from being located by people who want to know where you are ,call made, emails sent even chats .The mobile phone revolution has brought in a lot of applications that can be easily download for the main purpose of location someone. This apps have become very easy to follow one around as all you need is to enter their number in the field provide an you get all the information of someone’s whereabouts what’s more is that you can even get their information on your emails, you get updated all the time.

This can feel like your privacy has been violated thou it is illegal to track someone ,people still do so, police are the ones who can get information even without a warrant wherever they have suspicion about an individual. But for an average citizen we do not appreciate snooping around of our private lives. With the easy access of smart phones which have GPS we can be tracked from anywhere around the world but also there are some applications which can help you ensure that your location is not constantly tracked. For the Android gadget when you get the phone you may or may not activate the application when you click on use wireless networks your phone will take such a long time to really monitor where you are the maps will be a bit slow to grab the current location where you are, consequently Google ill not be collection any location data and there will be storage of your photo activities.

Also is you need to clear all the cache an information that had been previously stored you need to root your device install the free location cache app you can, even view the map of your earlier tracked locations ,clear them even from your phone and finally disable the cache. For ISO you only need to jailbreak your device and install the trackerd app, clear your location cache this will help in not recording anything in the future and it is very discreet.

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