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Does NSA know everyones location?

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Does NSA know everyones location?

The notion is that NSA spy’s on everyone including government officials, senators and congress men. Everyone knows of the NSA and their massive spying habits or is it their job? How ell can we know that the world is spying? Who is NSA? So many question arise whoever the thought of being spied crosses the mind and one is left to wonder how you can protect yourself from being spied, or what can be done to the NSA for them to stop spying on even the most private conversation that one may have. At this point almost nothing can be trusted as you are not sure whether you are being monitored on your every move that you make.

A recent study and revelation the Washington n posted that hundreds of millions of contact information are sucked up from the main serves. We ask ourselves why snoop on everyone is everyone a suspect. They also collect data on suspected terrorist and follow on their every move, the NSA has contributed to the security of a nation with their very intelligent work force that brings along people who are highly trained to detect even the slightest suspicion on danger to the country, the president, and the citizens.

Clearly the United States government are the heavy weights in NSA ,consequently more and more nation have embraced this kind of security to ensure that they are not attacked whatsoever to streamline on foreigners getting in and out of their country in this era of terrorism attacks .There are laws that govern the NSA for example in Europe it does not in any way look like a haven of surveillance but come to the United states and look at the intelligent workforce that is available checking and confirming that the nation security is met.

And in Russia they maintain a very high standard of domestic surveillance to ensure that security is availed to all their citizens amidst the insecurity in that country’s track each and everyone’s location whenever there is a slight indication of suspicion. They can access all the information even without a warrant.

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